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10c Victor Emmanuel II vertical bisect on folded letter

Scott Catalogue Italian States-Sardinia: 11n

The stamp on this folded letter sheet was bisected to pay the five-centesimi rate for letters weighing less than 7.5 grams within the same postal district in the Kingdom of Sardinia. Mailed from Ascoli on December 30 or 31, 1860, the letter arrived at Macerata on January 1, 1861.

Only two months before this letter was mailed using Sardinian postage, provincial capitals Ascoli and Macerata of the Italian region of Marche voted to leave the Pontifical State and join the Kingdom of Sardinia. The vote occurred on November 4, 1860. On March 17, 1861, Sardinia was incorporated into the new Kingdom of Italy — only two months after this letter was mailed. This cover, then, is a very rare use of a bisect to pay a rate that was short-lived in this territory.

c. 1860
Cancel on recto: Macerata circular date stamp "Gen. / 1" (Gennaio=January) with lozenge grid killer Cancel on verso: Ascoli circular date stamp "3_ / Dec / 60"
paper; ink (greyish brown); adhesive
Height x Width: 8.5 x 12.5cm (3 3/8 x 4 15/16in.)
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ITALY (republic)

  • Sardinia Scott 11n
  • 10c Victor Emmanuel II vertical bisect on folded letter
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