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Post office box rental receipt


The renter of the post office box number 70 at the Old Mystic, Connecticut, post office received this record of ten cent payment rendered for the lease period January 1 to April 1, 1898. The postmaster's name, A. H. Hinkley, appears stamped on the lower right hand corner. This New London county post office was established on May 29, 1890.

The verso of the receipt instructs postal patrons that including their return address on their envelopes would speed the item’s return to sender if the need arose.


Patera, Alan H. The Post Offices of Connecticut. Burtonsville, MD: The Depot, 1977.

January 1 - April 1, 1898
No. 1538. / Box No. 70 / To Old Mystic Post Office, Dr. / TO BOX RENT / From Jan 1 to Apr 1, 1898, $10c / Received Payment. / A. H. Hinckley, P.M. Verso: DON'T! / Don't mail your letter or valuable package with- / out having your own address written or printed / upon the upper left hand corner. / This will insure its return to you if not deliv - / ered, and will prevent its being sent to and opened / at the Dead-Letter Office. / 5-3407
paper; ink
7.0 x 14.0 cm (2.75 x 5.5 in.)
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  • Post office box rental receipt
  • Post office box rental receipt
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