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Vietnam-era experimental mailbag


This experimental mailbag was designed to be dropped into remote combat zones from helicopters during the Vietnam War. Designed to survive harsh conditions it is made from a thick waterproof plastic that would protect the contents. The drab green color was intended to camouflage it from the enemy but it proved too effective and the concept had to be abandoned as it was too hard for U.S. forces to locate the mailbag in the foliage.

The logistics of the Vietnam War required special procedures to be put in place to ensure that mail reached the serving units. All outgoing mail was initially processed through San Francisco, California though Seattle, Washington was added as the volume of mail increased. From there it was transported by military vessels or chartered commercial airlines to military Post Offices in Vietnam. In theatre, a variety of water, ground and air transport was used to move military mail.

c. 1956-1975
plastic; metal
Height x Width x Depth: 21 x 22 x 6 in. (53.34 x 55.88 x 15.24 cm)
Museum ID:
Place of Use:
Vietnam (southern republic)

  • Vietnam Era Mailbag
  • Vietnam Era Mailbag
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