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Rose Corners, ME, postmark handstamp


This is a 'four-bar' rubber postmarker commonly used at third- or fourth-class post offices. It derives this nickname from four parallel killer bars that extend to the right of a circular datestamp. The town name and state appear within a circular border. There are four slots in the postmark's center that hold rubber pica type for month, date, time, and year.

Nearly unchanged through the twentieth century, this postmarker's rubber marking die is affixed to a foam rubber cushion using rubber cement. The cushion is attached to a steel plate using the same type of adhesive. Finally, a turned hardwood handle is pressed on a steel shaft attached to the plate.

July 15, 1910
ROSE CORNERS / MAINE / JUL / 15 / 1910
metal; wood
4 x 1.38 x 2.38 in (10.16 x 3.49 x 6.03 cm)
Museum ID:

  • Rose Corners, ME, postmark handstamp
  • Rose Corners, ME, postmark handstamp
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