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U.S. Naval Station Mails pouch


This 1940s era canvas mail pouch has "U.S. Naval Station Mails" stenciled on the front and was used for transporting mail. There is a row of seven grommeted openings on the top of the front of the bag through which seven metal rings protrude. The attached leather strap closes the bag through these rings. Metal studs outline the sides and base of the bag; the lower half has been strengthened with additional canvas. The back of the pouch has leather handles on the top and the bottom, as well as a ring on the right side, to which the postal lock can be affixed. Attached near the locking area is a metal plate with a centered oval cut-out. This is fitted over the ring before the mail is locked inside the pouch.

Pouches, as opposed to sacks, are generally made of a heavy canvas, locked with special postal locks, and closed using a leather strap and ring configuration. Pouches are used to carry first class, domestic, or military mail. The leather strap cinches the top of the pouch through the grommeted rings. The strap is then locked using special postal locks. Through-registered pouches, however, carry locked inner-registered sacks of registered mail. The straps on those pouches are buckled and then locked.

c. 1940s
U.S. Naval Station Mails / Fold Last
cotton; leather; metal
7.6 x 76.2 x 110.5 cm (3 x 30 x 43 1/2 in.)
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  • Mail pouch
  • Mail pouch
  • Mail pouch
  • Mail pouch
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