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"Latest News!" coffee mug


The coffee mug shows an image of a Pony Express rider on a horse holding a banner with the words, "Latest News! By Pony Express from Gold Diggings[.]" The coffee mug is made by Western Stoneware in the United States. The Latest News banner emphasizes the critical role that the Pony Express played at the time of its operation in getting the latest news in and out of California. Uninterrupted access to California's gold was one of the concerns of the federal government in finding a route from east to west that did not go through the south on the eve of the Civil War. The Pony Express offered a possible solution to that problem.

This item is not a part of the museum's permanent object collections. It is used here only as an example of the many popular culture pieces that have been produced to commemorate or celebrate the Pony Express.

20th century
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Made by Western Stoneware in the United States. Exhibit prop

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