Arago: 1992-2005 Definitives

1992-2005 Definitives

31c Our Lady of the Fever single

Scott Catalogue Vatican City: 1207

On March 12, 2002, Vatican City issued a series of ten definitive stamps featuring images of the Virgin Mary located in St. Peter's Basilica. This was the first Vatican definitive series issued exclusively in euros. The values and subjects of the stamps are as follows:

8-cent - Our Lady of Women in Labor, a fresco originally in the first St. Peter's Basilica in the fourteenth century

15-cent - Our Lady with people praying, an ancient mosaic image of the Virgin Mary with Jesus on her lap

23-cent - Our Lady at the tomb of Pope Pius XII, a fresco probably produced by the Umbrian school of the fifteenth century

31-cent - Our Lady of the fever, an anonymous thirteenth-century work set within a precious Renaissance tabernacle made by Donatello

41-cent - Our Lady of the slap, a painting reflecting an episode in which a man allegedly slapped Mary's face, leaving a mark on her right cheek that supposed to have bled profusely

52-cent - Mary Immaculate, a mosaic in the Chapel of the Choir in which Mary is balanced high in the clouds and crushes the head of the serpent

62-cent - Our Lady Help of Christians, a painting in which Mary looks straight while Jesus gives his blessing and supports the world in his left hand

77-cent - The Virgin of the Deesis from the interior of the dome designed by Michelangelo in which the Virgin is shown with Christ and St. John the Baptist

1,03-euro - L' Addolorata, a fourteenth-century painting attributed to Lippo Memmi

1,55-euro - Presentation of Mary in the Temple, a mosaic showing the Virgin as a child, climbing the steps of the temple to be consecrated to God

At the top of each stamp are the Papal Crown and Crossed Keys as well as the value. At the right appears the name of the image depicted, and at the bottom appear the words CITTA DEL VATICANO. The stamps are vertical, measure 30 x 40 mm, have a perforation of 13, and were issued in sheets of ten. Cartor of France printed them in offset.


Crimando, Thomas. "New Issues." Vatican Notes 50, no.6 (May 2002): 5-6.

March 12, 2002
paper; ink (multicolored)/ lithographed
Museum ID:
VATICAN CITY (independent city state)


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