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40 lire Piazza St. Martha, Apse of St. Peter's single

Scott Catalogue Vatican City: 574

On May 22, 1975, the Vatican issued a series of stamps featuring images of fountains in Vatican City. The series, also celebrating European Architectural Heritage Year, is composed of six values.

"POSTE VATICANE" and the respective value appear along each stamp's border. The 40-lire stamp portrays the fountain situated in the Piazza of St. Martha, with a view of the apse of St. Peter's and the church of St. Stephen of the Abyssinians.

The six stamps were designed by Professor Lino Bianchi Barriviera and were engraved by E. Donnini, R. DiGiuseppe, and F. Tulli. The stamps are horizontal in format and measure 48 x 40 mm. Printed in sheets of twenty-five, they have perforations of 14. The stamps were printed in offset and chalcography in two colors on white glazed paper. The Polygraphic Institute of the Italian State printed 1,600,000 complete sets.


"Pentecost Issue." Vatican Notes 24, no. 1 (July-August 1975): 3.

May 22, 1975
paper; ink
Museum ID:
VATICAN CITY (independent city state)


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