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100 lire Pope Pius XI single

Scott Catalogue Vatican City: 255

Vatican City commemorated the 30th anniversary of the 1929 Lateran Treaties by issuing two stamps on May 25, 1959. The set includes a 30-lire deep brown stamp and a 100-lire deep violet-blue value.

Each stamp is vertical in design and contains a photograph of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939). The Lateran Treaties between Vatican City State and the Kingdom of Italy took place during his pontificate. The inscription "Patti Lateranessi, 1929-1939" appears at the top of the stamp. "Poste Vaticane" and the stamp's value appear at the lower edge. The pope's photograph is labeled, "Pius XI, P.M. (Pontifex Maximus), originally a title from the Roman Republic and later the Empire, signifying the highest religious office of the state, a title sometimes applied to popes.

The Lateran Treaties accomplished several goals. They recognized the Vatican City State as a distinct city-state within the then Italian Kingdom; they established relationships between Vatican City and Italy following the political unification of Italy during the 1860s; they provided financial compensation to Vatican City regarding loss of the Papal States; and ecclesiastical matters were outlined in a concordat between the two entities.

A. Grassellini designed the stamps, which measure 3 x 4 cm and contain a sideways Crossed Keys of St. Peter watermark. The perforations measure 14 x 14. Italian State Printers, Rome, printed 946,800 sets by photogravure. The stamps remained on sale until June 30, 1960.


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May 25, 1959
paper; ink / photogravure
Museum ID:
VATICAN CITY (independent city state)

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