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Pioneer Period (1783-1918)

Aerial Mail Flight post card

Scott Catalogue USA: 331
American Air Mail Catalog: 22

By April 10, 1912, the delivery of mail by air over longer distances was possible, and experiments had shown its practicality. On this date, George Mestach (d. 1920) made an official US mail flight from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, a distance of eight-nine miles, in ninety-two minutes.

A very large crowd awaited Mestach on the airfield in Baton Rouge, forcing him to swerve into a fence. Mestach's plane sustained serious damage, making a return flight to New Orleans impossible. Mestach himself escaped the accident unhurt.

This card is an example of the first official US mail ever flown between two cities. The flag design cachet is an official postal marking applied to most mail.

April 10, 1912
Purple handstamp in center: "U. S. AERIAL MAIL SERVICE"
paper, ink
Museum ID:
Place of Origin:
New Orleans, Louisiana
Place of Destination:
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Benjamin K. Miller Stamp Collection, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations

  • 1912 New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana flight postcard
  • 1912 New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana experimental
 flight postcard
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