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Advertisement for the New York Central Railroad


This advertisement for the New York Central railroad appeared in the April 29, 1944 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. It includes a diagonal graphic of a New York Central United States Mail Railway Post Office car cut away to reveal the interior with staff processing mail. The advertisement ties the public’s appreciation for the speed of mail and the emotional appeal of letters to loved ones at war to promote America’s railways. In the mid 1940s, railroad companies were beginning to feel the threat of losing passenger traffic to airline companies and the growing highway system.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courier from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.' Herodotus / Traveling on a Postage Stamp / How 3 billion pieces of wartime mail a year speed over the Water Level Route / Not one of the passengers aboard the 20th Century Limited ever sets foot here. This car is reserved for wartime travelers of a different kind...tiny V-mail...important business letters...registered envelopes packed with war contracts and blueprints...all part of the three billion pieces of mail that speed each year over New York Central. / Hour after hour, as the Century bores through the night, deft-fingered postal clerks sort this cargo of 'preferential mail.' And tomorrow, on arrival, the pouches and sacks will be ready for immediate forwarding or delivery. / Winter or summer, through storm or fair weather, these 'post offices on wheels' provide lowest cost transportation for 96% of the nation's vast mail tonnage. A vital war service of American railroads today. A service that will be still swifter and more efficient aboard the finer, faster trains of tomorrow.
paper; ink (multicolor)
Overall: 34.9 x 26cm (13 3/4 x 10 1/4in.)
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