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Advertisement for Emerson Electric


This advertisement for Emerson Electric fans came from an unidentified magazine in 1945. It depicts a multi-tasking woman who is shown preparing food, writing a letter, and rocking a baby cradle with her foot. A fan atop the kitchen counter is cooling her as she works. American companies touted their support of the war effort in many ways. Several companies used advertisements as an opportunity to remind those at home to remember their loved ones at war with a letter. These ads ran the gamut from a subtle placement of a company logo to overt ads such as this one, in which the woman’s letter to her husband turns into a promotional ad for an Emerson fan.

c. 1945
paper; ink (black & white)
Height x Width: 14 x 10 1/4 in. (35.56 x 26.04 cm)
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You're never too busy to write V-Mail

Tell him things are running smoothly… including your Emerson-Electric Fan

Write your service man V-Mail letters full of the homey news he so hungry to hear…

"The garden's in," you might write, "You should see the tomato plants." … "Your kid brother comes Saturdays to help me with the lawn." …. "Your son looks more like you every day." … "I got out your mother's trusty old Emerson-Electric Fan this morning and have just oiled it up. It still runs just like new. Mrs. Marsh, our new neighbor, dropped in when I first turned the fan on. She couldn't believe it was 20 years old. She made me an outlandish offer for it… imagine! 'No, thanks,' I said. 'I couldn't get through the summer without that Emerson-Electric Fan.'"

He wants to know every little thing that goes on. V-Mail is the answer for frequent letters that can be written in spare moments when news and the impulse to write are fresh in mind. Remember, too, V-mail is sure, fast and saves valuable cargo space.

Emerson-Electric Fans will be back…

As soon as critical material can be allocated by the Government, Emerson-Electric Fans (which have not been made for civilian purchase since May, 1942) will be back. They will have all the fine features which have characterized "Emerson-Electric" products since 1890.

The Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.

St Louis 3, MO

Branches: New York Chicago Detroit Los Angeles Davenport

Keep your Emerson-Electric Fans at top efficiency…. while he's away.

1. If your fans operate satisfactorily, clean them thoroughly and oil with medium-weight mineral oil, grade SAE 10 or 20.

2. If there is any unusual noise or vibration, due to worn parts or faulty electrical connections, take the fan to your Emerson-Electric Dealer or Electrical Repair Shop to determine repairs required. (Generally, if your Emerson-Electric Fan is not more than 20 years old, parts are available.)

Why Emerson-Electric Fans are "lifetime" fans

This cut-away view shows the "sealed" Emerson-Electric, hollow-shaft and armature-bearing, with only one place to oil. Practically everlasting, it has been an exclusive feature on Emerson-Electric 12" and 16" Fans for more than 47 years.

Buy more "E" Bonds in the 7th…

And hold all you have!


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