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Advertisement for Sheaffer's V-mail writing kit


This advertisement for the Sheaffer Pen Company’s V-mail kit appeared on the inside cover of Life magazine on May 24, 1943. The ad includes an image of the kit, as well as a description of its use. It was not unusual for print ads of the early to mid twentieth century to include a large amount of text describing Voyager. In this ad, the company instructs consumers on the use of this new product, including directions for when to buy it for their loved ones going off to war. Images on the ad show the kit container as well as the items it contains. A small insert illustration shows a woman buying the kit and addressing it for mailing.

V-Mail service, was used in the U.S. from June 15, 1942 through April 1, 1945. Unlike regular mail, which traveled by ship and could take up to a month to reach its destination, V-Mail traveled by air and cut down transport time to 12 days or less.

paper; ink (multicolor)
Overall: 34.9 x 25.4cm (13 3/4 x 10in.)
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Wherever they go—they'll write!

Be sure they take along a Complete V…-Mail writing kit—the








To open—cut here—


Merchandise—Fourth Class Mail



For V...-Mail


Sheaffer's V-Black

Pen Care Instructions


Contents: V-Black Skrip, Fineline leads—Black for V-Mail, 50 V-Mail letter forms, pen wiper, calendar, ruler and pen care instruction card—in sturdy fiber container.


Copyright 1943 WA Sheaffer Pen Co

Trademark Reg US Patent Off


Speeds their thoughts to you!

Those who serve speak their thoughts in letters. They know that the more letters they send, the more they get back! The Voyager will help speed their precious words to you.

A convenient, compact and complete writing kit that fits snugly in the duffel bag or sea bag, the Voyager contains all the materials necessary for writing V-Mail letters. Each necessary item is carefully packed in the ready-to-mail kit—so you can send it quickly, easily and safely. The Voyager will be useful to men and women in service. Send a Voyager today to a service man or woman stationed in the United States. They'll use it now for writing V-Mail letters to their friends who are already overseas. And—when they are sent to fighting fronts themselves, they'll take it along and use it for speeding V-Mail letters to you! Don't wait until a service man or woman is sent out of the country—send them the Voyager now. (The Voyager can not be mailed overseas to Army men unless requested, and the request approved by a Commanding Officer. It can be sent to men in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard anywhere without any request.) Wherever they go-they'll want to write as well as fight! Get a Voyager for yourself! …a convenient V-Mail writing kit for the home!

Use V-Mail… the safe Speed-Mail! V-Mail letters are photographed in strictest privacy on 16 mm. film—flown overseas by plane—reproduced and delivered in a fraction of the time ship mail takes!

V-Black Skrip is the writing fluid for V-Mail use. Black photographs best. V-Black Skrip writes black—stays black! Insures legibility when your letter is delivered! Quick-drying, free-flowing, keeps pens clean by not allowing them to get dirty! W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co., Fort Madison, Iowa; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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