Arago: Developmental Period (1919-1945)

Developmental Period (1919-1945)

Graf Zeppelin First American Flight cover

Sieger Catalog: 22B

Cover flown by the Graf Zeppelin on the America Flight's return leg, Lakehurst to Friedrichshafen, on October 29, 1928. A special "First Flight Airmail" cachet in violet is affixed as well as three U.S. stamps (Scott 571, C10, C11), totaling $1.15 and tied by a Chicago postmark dated October 23rd, 1928. Normal letter postage was $1.05 from Lakehurst to Friedrichshafen, the additional ten cents covering the rate from Chicago to Lakehurst.

The cover also bears the signatures of Hugo Eckener, airship commander and successor to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin; Ernst Lehmann, first mate and later commander of the Hindenburg; and D. Langmann, a postmaster. The cover is backstamped with a Friedrichshafen postmark dated November 1, 1928.

paper; ink
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Germany (German empire)

  • Graf Zeppelin First American Flight cover
  • Graf Zeppelin First American Flight cover
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