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Pitney Bowes DM-3 postage meter


This DM-3 is a salesman's denomination meter (with the four-digit serial number 2493) used to take and show potential users the value of metered mail. The Pitney Bowes company introduced their latest advancement in metered mail in 1949 with the official introduction of the Model “DM” (Desk Model) postage meter. Long research and extensive field testing had taken place since 1942. The introduction of this unit opened a vast new market, not only among mailers of modest amounts of mail, both letters and packages, but as auxiliary equipment for larger users as well. The meter is capable of printing on letters and tape as well as printing a postmark ad. The DM was hand operated and had values of 1¢, 2¢, and 2½¢ through 20¢. The DM-3 had improved means to set the dater and included an envelope sealer.

The DM is a self-contained postage device and is rented on an annual contract basis. It has two registers, the top one shows descending (credit) and the other is ascending (amount used). The meter can be set for $99.99. The second stamp position allows the user to create more than a 20¢ stamp on the same envelope, or multiples on a tape.

DM-3-METER NO 2493
metal; plastic
Height x Width x Depth: 7 1/2 × 8 × 12 in. (19.05 × 20.32 × 30.48 cm) Weight: 14 lb.
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  • Pitney Bowes DM-3 postage meter
  • Interior of carrying case
  • Detail of label on interior of carrying case
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