Arago: Blockade-Run Covers

Blockade-Run Covers

Confederate blockade-run cover


This envelope is addressed to their father and is docketed “#112” and dated March 18, 1865. It was most likely entrusted to Col. Hatch, C.S.A. Agent for Exchange, and given to a blockade runner to be taken to Cuba. From there it was placed aboard a regular steamer headed for occupied New Orleans. (However, it is also possible that Hatch handed the letter over to his Federal counterpart at Hilton Head, who, as a favor, could have sent it on to Port Royal to be put aboard a New Orleans-bound supply ship.) Upon arrival in New Orleans, it was placed into the regular incoming U.S. mail and marked “collect” ten cents as incoming ship mail.

March 18, 1865
paper; ink
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Confederate States of America


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