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Air Post Special Delivery Issues

16c Great Seal of the U.S. original "Farley's Follies" uncut press sheet of 200

Scott Catalogue USA: CE1

Uncut, imperforate, ungummed press sheet of two hundred 16c Great Seal of the United States stamps, signed by James A. Farley and Franklin D. Roosevelt; plate number 21313.

Postmaster General James Farley frequently bought imperforate, ungummed, printed sheets of stamps right off the press. Both Farley and FDR signed in the margins. Farley presented the first sheet off the press to FDR and frequently saved the second for his own family. Farley often presented other sheets as souvenirs or political favors to friends. He did this twenty times during his tenure. The practice angered the philatelic community and political opponents when exposed. Feeling deprived of access to these unique and invaluable sheets, critics lobbied Congress, demanding justice. To quell the mounting tension, Farley ordered all twenty sheets reprinted in a special printing without gum or perforations and offered for sale to every American who desired the sheets. The reprintings began on March 15, 1935. Stamp collectors refer to the scandal and the reprinted sheets as “Farley’s Follies.”

To view the reprinted stamps, see USA Scott numbers 752-771.

June 29, 1934
Written in pen in left margin: "To Beth, Ann and Jimmy Farley from their Dad. / This is the second sheet of the sixteen cent Stamp. / James A Farley Postmaster General"; Written in pen in the lower left corner: "Franklin D Roosevelt / Special Delivery Air Mail / Stamp issued / Aug 23, 1934"
paper; ink
Height x Width: 21 x 18 1/2 in. (53.34 x 46.99 cm)
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