Arago: 5-cent Franklin

5-cent Franklin

5c Franklin on Hyde Park, NY cover

Scott Catalogue USA: 1

This is the only known cover from Hyde Park bearing an 1847 stamp. It was a single rate for a cover traveling less than 300 miles, from Hyde Park to New York City, the 5¢ postage being prepaid with the stamp. The Hyde Park townmark was applied on June 18, 1848. The stamp was canceled with a circular "5" rate mark, in this case used as a restatement of the rate, as well as a red grid.

At the upper left hand corner the sender directed the letter "Per Steamer via New York." There it was placed aboard the British Cunard steamer Acadia on June 21, arriving at Liverpool on July 5, 1848. It was rated 1 shilling for the British sea and inland postage. These events preceded the U.S.-British Treaty rates, which began in early 1849.

June 18, 1848
c-HYDE PARK/JUN.18/N.Y. (red) [U.S. townmark] c-5 (black), used as cancel [U.S. rate mark] Red grid [cancel] sl-1- (black) [British rate mark]
paper(bluish); ink (red brown); engraved
Height x Width: 2 5/8 x 4 11/16 in. (6.67 x 11.91 cm)
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Place of Origin:
Hyde Park, New York
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  • 5c Franklin on Hyde Park, NY cover
  • 5c Franklin on Hyde Park, NY cover
  • This Hyde Park, New York, cover is dated June 18, 1850, more than a year after the treaty with Great Britain was signed. The rate should have been 24 cents, but the sender put a 5¢ stamp on the cover. Partial payments were not recognized under the treaty, so the stamp was wasted. A full shilling was rated due in England and paid by the addressee. Because the cover was carried by British packet, the U.S. was only credited with 5 cents for its treaty inland rate, although it also received an additional 5¢ windfall because of the unrecognized stamp.
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