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Handstamped Paids

Confederate handstamp Paid 10


Confederate handstamp Paid 10 on the cover with Richmond, Virginia, July 17, 1862, circular date stamp, on an envelope addressed to Cobham, Virginia, and mailed after the new uniform postage rate of ten cents had gone into effect, July 1, 1862. The addressee is William Cabell Rives, who was at that time a member of the Confederate Congress. Rives had also served in the United States Senate and House of Representatives and as Ambassador to France.

Even though Confederate postage stamps had been introduced in October 1861, the demand outstripped the printer's ability to supply them. As a result, shortages were commonplace. In such an event, postmasters resorted to other, temporary substitutes. A handstamp, which was applied to the letter upon receipt of payment, was one such method.

July 17, 1862
Richmond, Va., Powell Type 3d. [town postmark]
paper; ink / handwritten, handstamped
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