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Handstamped Paids

Confederate handstamp Paid 5


Confederate handstamp Paid 5 cancel on cover with four strikes of Washington, North Carolina, circular date stamp, on an envelope addressed to Bay River, North Carolina. Three of these strikes are dated July 25, and one is July 24.

The rate for letters was changed to ten cents regardless of distance on July 1, 1862, and this letter was mailed prior to that date, in this case July 25, 1861. Postage stamps issued by the Confederate Post Office did not become available until October 1861.

It is not clear why the cover bears four cancels, one with a different date, (July 24th). Perhaps the initial cancel was July 24th, which the postmaster realized was in error after striking it. He changed the date to the 25th, making several strikes to obliterate the incorrect one. This is, however, conjecture.

July 25, [1861]
paper; ink / handwritten, handstamped
Museum ID:
North Carolina

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