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First Day of Issue

The official first day of issue was December 12, 1928 in Washington, D.C. Stamp and cover collectors mailed in their request for postmarks before the official release. During the conference, attendees were able to obtain first day postmarks in the United States Chamber of Commerce Building, located across Lafayette Park from the White House.

Postmaster General New directed that a special post office station be established in the building to accommodate customers from the conference seeking to purchase the stamps and obtain other postal services. In those days, establishment of a temporary post office station at a non-postal facility was unusual, reflecting the level of interest provided to this event by senior management.

Special machine cancellations in green were used during the three days of the conference. This was the first time a ink other than black was used for a first day machine cancellation. (Colored hand cancellations had previously been used on first day covers prepared for the Valley Forge commemorative of 1923 and a few others.)

1928 First day Air Mail Cover

This airmail cover franked with the complete set of two stamps was postmarked on December 12, the first day of issue.

Arago Only Image

Conference attendees were given numbered membership cards to gain entry into the numerous events. The vignette on the cards is the same as on the 2-cent stamp. Courtesy National Archives.