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Themes and Concepts

“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.”

-Ray Bradbury

The above quote highlights one of Bradbury’s most significant re-occurring themes: the importance of free speech and knowledge. This is extremely apparent in Fahrenheit 451 where the importance of free speech is showcased brilliantly. Bradbury touched on many relevant subjects in the 1950’s such as nuclear war, racism and fear of foreign political powers. He was a person who loved the concepts encompassing free thought, education of a younger generation, and the importance of knowledge. All of these themes are interwoven throughout his work.

50c multicolored Freedom of Speech single

One of Bradbury's major themes in his writing dealt with freedom of speech. The 50-cent Freedom of Speech stamp was issued July 1, 1994.

20c A Nation of Readers single

Bradbury loved reading and worked to spread the importance of reading and writing. The 20-cent A Nation of Readers stamp was issued October 16, 1984.