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First Major Works

In 1950, Bradbury finally had a breakthrough with the publication of The Martian Diaries. This work would be the beginning of Bradbury’s reputation as a legendary science fiction writer. The book was to set Bradbury’s tone for many of his future works. It focuses on a human colony on the planet Mars and humans interactions with Martians. This highlighted Bradbury’s love of outer space and interest in extraterrestrial life. In 1953, Bradbury released another hit, Fahrenheit 451. This book, dealing with censorship and the banning of books, became an immediate classic and further solidified Ray Bradbury’s lengendary status.

$3 Mars Rover Sojourner souvenier sheet

Bradbury's first major work dealt with an American colony on Mars. The 3-dollar Mars Sojourner souvenier sheet was issued on December 10, 1997.

4c Freedom of the Press single

Bradbury's second book Fahrenheit 451 dealt with book censorship. The 4-cent Freedom of the Press stamp was issued September 22, 1958