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Why do we need heroes?

Practicing the Skit

Kids considered Dr. Seuss a hero because of his creativity and perseverance. Here they prepare a skit from some of his stories, costumed as his unique characters.

Kids were asked to think about why people need heroes: “We need heroes because we need people that can help us with many things we can’t help ourselves with.”

“Without heroes, everyone would be interested in themselves, and the world would fall into chaos.”

“So someone can lead us through to make good decisions.”

“To give kids positive role models to try and act like.”

The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) receives as many as 50,000 stamp subject and design ideas every year from American citizens, and CSAC considers every one of them. Among their requirements for stamp subjects are that “No living person shall be honored by portrayal on U.S. postage” and “Only events, persons, and themes of widespread national appeal and significance will be considered for commemoration.”

People who have made a heroic impact on the United States that has proven to last beyond their lifetime may thus be chosen to be featured on a stamp. These individuals might be on stamps because of how they have helped people, made the world better, provided leadership, and served as role models.