Arago: Exhibits


Getting to know the Postal Museum

“This was a lot of fun to do and it was even more fun to present.” -Dana Ackerman (Gaithersburg Middle School)

Through learning about the hero’s life and accomplishments, participants explored their own definitions of hero and created a presentation about what they learned. Kids’ research took advantage of the museum’s online Arago feature and other sources. Their presentations were showcased at a celebration at the National Postal Museum, and took a variety of creative formats, including theatre, a poetry reading, posters, and a Jeopardy game.

In April 2010, kids from the four Montgomery County after-school programs visited the National Postal Museum in person.  They viewed a presentation of Arago given by Internet Affairs Manager Marty Emery, took a guided tour, and had a chance to explore the museum on their own.  Not only was the museum a resource for learning about stamps and postal history, but it was also the space where they would present their work a month and a half later.

During the tour, kids looked at stamps through magnifying glasses, met Owney the dog, and considered the idea of everyday heroes on stamps.  After-school program coordinators and Interages volunteers accompanied the kids, and they shared their own perspectives on postal history.

At the Postal Museum

Kids from Gaithersburg Middle School explore mail transport vehicles in the atrium of the National Postal Museum