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Performing Robinson

Volunteer John Thoren provides guidance to kids as they prepare their presentation about Jackie Robinson.

“I learned that researching can be both fun and educational.” -Daiyan Aziz (Participant at Gaithersburg Middle School)

The National Postal Museum, Interages MD, and Montgomery County Public Schools worked together to provide a unique learning experience for middle-school kids in an after-school program setting. In the program, the kids worked with senior volunteers from Interages to learn all about a chosen hero who has been featured on a United States postage stamp. This partnership is dedicated to the memory of Elaine Lessenco, a hero to many children and youth in her community.

In Heroes on Stamps, kids gained a new perspective on an individual hero and the definition of hero, became familiar with Postal Museum resources, learned about their chosen hero, and created a creative presentation of research results.