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Columbus: Reporting Discoveries

Columbus returned triumphant to Spain after his first voyage in 1493. As depicted on the 10-cent stamp, he presented the King and Queen with artifacts from the New World as well as native peoples whom he had forced to accompany him. With his warm reception by the Spanish court and appointment as Admiral of the Seas and governor of the lands he discovered, Columbusprepared for a second journey.

On September 25, 1493, Columbus set sail from Spain on his second voyage with 17 ships and almost 1,500 men. On November 19, 1493, the expedition landed on the western coast of Puerto Rico. The Taino Indians who greeted Columbus showed him gold nuggets in the river. The city of Puerto Rico quickly became Spain’s most important military outpost in the Caribean.

United States Master Collection, Scott 238, Columbian Exposition

The 15-cent Columbus Announcing His Discovery stamp was issued in 1893.

United States Master Collection, Scott 237, Columbian Exposition

The 10-cent Columbus Presenting Natives stamp was issued in 1893.

29c Columbus Landing in Puerto Rico single

Issued on November 19, 1993, this stamp commemorated the 500th anniversary of the landing of Columbus in Puerto Rico.