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Recall of Columbus

His confidence shaken by several failures to win sponsorship, in 1490 Columbus intended to the Royal Court of France for funding. The monks of La Rabida (as depicted on the 30-cent stamp) and local monastery patrons, however, convinced him to appeal to the Spanish Court a second time.

Father Juan Pérez, a former guardian and confessor to Queen Isabella, was impressed with Columbus’s proposal for an expedition to the west. Pérez succeeded in having Columbus recalled to the Spanish royal court for another hearing about his expedition. This second review led to the Spanish monarchy's granting financial and material support to Christopher Columbus for his expedition across the Atlantic.

Father Pérez accompanied Columbus on his second voyage in 1493, and he is credited with celebrating the first Mass and building the first church in the New World. Pérez is seen on the 30-cent stamp at the table on the left.

United States Master Collection, Scott 239, Columbian Exposition

The 30-cent Columbus at La Rabida stamp was issued in 1893.

United States Master Collection, Scott 240, Columbian Exposition

The 50-cent Recall of Columbus stamp was issued in 1893.