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Hispanic Contributions to the Americas

Since the first Spanish explorers and settlers landed in the Americas, Hispanic people have shaped the history and culture of the United States and Latin America. Today, Hispanic people continue to demonstrate excellence in many areas including politics, public service, music, film, sports, business, science, and the military. The significant contributions of Hispanic people and events have been honored on numerous United States postage stamps. This featured collection showcases these contributions through the lens of the American postage stamp.

The National Postal Museum would like to thank the United States Postal Service for its contributions to this featured collection including narrative text from their Publication 295, "Hispanic People and Events on U.S. Postage Stamps."

United States Master Collection, Scott 119

Inspired by John Vanderlyn's painting of the same name, the 15-cent Landing of Columbus stamp issued in 1869 was the first to depict a Hispanic event.