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P is for Persian Rug


The nickname given to the high values in a series of documentary revenue stamps issued in 1871. Their large size and intricate, colorful designs are more like those of currency than of stamps, even for the time of their issue.

Revenue stamps showed payment of a fee for goods or services and were affixed to objects as well as to checks, photographs, and legal documents.

The proofs shown here were approved for the 1871 "Second Issue" of revenue stamps, but never actually produced. There are 26 known proof copies, 11 in the permanent collection of the National Postal Museum and 15 in private hands. United States, 1871.

'Quality' cinderella stamp

Persian Rug Cinderella Stamp

$5,000 Documentary Second Issue trial color proof

$5,000 Washington Trial Color Proof

$5,000 Documentary Second Issue revenue stamp trial color essay

$5,000 Washington Trial Color Proof