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N is for Numerals


Most stamps bear numerals of some sort that indicate their value as postage.

The First two U.S. stamps featured an Arabic "5" on the five-cent issue and aRoman "X" on the ten-cent issue.

The denomination may be shown as a numeral, or spelled out, or even both.

Some recent stamps show no numerals at all, but are valid for the current rate for their level of service.

The stamps shown here, the world's second stamp issue, are widely known as Bull's Eyes. An unseparated pair of these resembled a pair of bull's eyes because of the oval setting surrounding the highly-ornamented numerals. Brazil, 1843.

'Numerals' cinderella stamp

Numerals Cinderella Stamp

30r Bull's Eye single

30-reis Bull's Eye

60r Bull's Eye single

60-reis Bull's Eye

90r Bull's Eye single

90-reis Bull's Eye