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Austria-Hungary: Boehmisch Wiesenthal Postmarks

5kr rose Austro-Hungarian Monarchy single

5 kreuzer rose Franz Josef, Austria, postmarked March 11, ca. 1867-1872

10kr ultramarine Austro-Hungarian Monarchy single

10 kreuzer ultramarine Franz Josef, Austria, postmarked February 15, 1894

60h deep carmine Franz Josef single

60 heller deep carmine Franz Josef on horseback, Austria, postmarked May 27, 1914

Early postmarks for the town simply read Wiesenthal. Postal officials later used the postmark Böhm. Wiesenthal (for Boehmisch Wiesenthal) to distinguish it from other towns with similar names.

The Boehmisch Wiesenthal postmarks in the collection generally date from the late 1800s, when Bohemia was part of Austria-Hungary. Today, Bohemia is in the Czech Republic, and the old Boehmisch Wiesenthal has a Czech name, Loučná pod Klínovcem. Loučná, related to the Czech word for meadow, is similar to the German Wiesenthal (meadow valley). "Pod Klínovcem" refers to its setting "below Klinovec," the Czech name for the Keilberg.