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Host Nations

40c World Soccer Championships single

The 40c World Soccer Championships stamp was issued by Switzerland on March 15, 1954.

15o Soccer Player single

The 15o World Cup stamp from Sweden was issued on May 8, 1958.

5c Goalkeeper and Stadium single

This 1962 World Cup stamp from Chile features the Chilean national stadium, the venue for the championship match.

One of the great honors of the World Cup is to host the tournament. An added benefit for the host nation is an automatic spot in the competition. Currently, host nations are chosen by FIFA through a bid process. The Cup was hosted for the first time in Asia in 2002 by co-hosts Japan and South Korea.

Since the 1934 World Cup, host nations have issued postage stamps to promote the Cup and their countries. The earliest stamps depicted soccer players, the soccer ball, or maps to indicate the international flavor of the tournament. Later designs included national landmarks, stadiums, World Cup mascots, and official logos. Non-host countries throughout the world have also issued stamps celebrating the World Cup, and even the championship team. Several championship teams have been honored on stamps by their own country in the months following their victory.