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Farming Today

In the present day, the use of technology in farming throughout the Midwest has exploded. Examples include the use of airplanes for crop dusting (to spray fertilizer and pesticides on plants), milking machines (an automated device that is used to milk cows faster than by hand), computers (used to plan harvesting certain crops and to control other equipment), modern tractors (a multi-purpose gas powered machine used in many different ways in Midwest farming).

Changes in Midwest farming between the early 1800s and the present day are numerous, for example 90% of Americans lived and worked on farms in the early 1800s, then by the early 1900s that number had dropped to 40%. Today, only 2% of Americans live and work on farms.

7.1c Tractor single
Scott 3190n
24c Curtiss Jenny single
50c Dairying Parcel Post single