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A Family Affair

Many artists team up with other family members or their spouses in order to strengthen their careers. For example, Lynn Fontanne and her husband Alfred Lunt were more successful as a couple than individually. Other artists, such as Ethel Barrymore, are born into families of celebrities. Either way, these women prove that sometimes family connections can help make your career.

Lynn Fontanne (1887-1983) gained her greatest success as an actress by working with her husband Alfred Lunt. The couple worked with one another for forty years, and became known as a Hollywood team. Although she consistently worked with her husband, Fontanne had significant talent as an actress, and in 1931 was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in The Guardsmen.

The Lynn Fontanne stamp was designed by Carl Herrman and was issued in New York, New York at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre. The stamp features a picture of Lynn Fontanne with her husband, Alfred Lunt.

Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959) was born into show business. Her father, Maurice Barrymore, was a playwright and her mother, Georgiana Emma Drew Barrymore, was a successful actress. In addition to her parent’s involvement in the entertainment industry, her two brothers John and Lionel were also successful actors. Although having a famous family helped her career, Ethel Barrymore made a name for herself with her own accomplishments as a film and stage actresses. In 1927 the Ethel Barrymore Theatre was made in her honor, and in 1944 she won an Academy Award for None but the Lonely Heart.

The Barrymores stamp was designed by Jim Sharpe for the Performing Arts Series. The stamp features a picture of the family, with Ethel Barrymore in the center. The stamp was issued in New York, New York.

Scott 3287

The Lynn Fontanne stamp was issued on March 2, 1999.

United States Master Collection, Scott 2012

The Barrymores stamp was issued on June 8, 1982.