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The American Impressionist

Although the Impressionist art movement primarily consisted of French artists, American artists contributed to the movement as well. One of the most prominent American Impressionists is Mary Cassatt.

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) was known for her scenes of the domestic. She originally studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts but in 1866 left America to travel and study art in Europe. In 1848 she eventually settled down in Paris where she became friends with painter and sculptor, Edgar Degas. She spent most of her remaining life in France and was accepted as an Impressionist artist.

23c Mary Cassatt single

This 23-cent stamp was designed by Dennis Cyall and contains a portrait of Cassatt. The stamp was issued as part of the Great Americans Issue on November 4, 1988. The ceremony was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at her former school, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

United States Master Collection, Scott 1322, Mary Cassatt

This 5-cent stamp was issued on November 17, 1966, as part of the American Painting Series. The stamp was designed by Robert R. Jones and features Cassatt’s painting “The Boating Party.”