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America's Baseball Heroes

America’s long lasting connection to the game of baseball is demonstrated through the range and scope of United States postage stamps dedicated to this great sport. Since the first U.S. postage stamp highlighting baseball was released in 1939, forty-eight different U.S. postage stamps featuring famous players, stadiums and important moments in professional baseball have been issued.

The first four professional players to be honored with their own postage stamp are undoubtedly among the most monumental players to have ever stepped onto a baseball field. Cumulatively George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson, Henry Louis “Lou” Gehrig and Roberto Clemente Walker have played on thirteen winning World Series teams, slammed 1,584 homeruns, achieved over 10,000 hits and maintained a .328 batting average. The conduct and accomplishments of these legendary players cemented baseball in the American consciousness unlike any sport before it.

20c Jackie Robinson single

The 20-cent Jackie Robinson stamp was issued August 2, 1982. (Scott 2016)

20c Babe Ruth single

The 20-cent Babe Ruth stamp was issued July 6, 1983. (Scott 2046)

20c Roberto Clemente single

The 20-cent Roberto Clemente stamp was issued August 17, 1984. (Scott 2097)

25c Lou Gehrig single

The 25-cent Lou Gehrig stamp was issued June 10, 1989.