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For Further Reading

For Further Reading:

Pocahantas and Jamestown

Sacagawea and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sequoya, the Cherokee Syllabary and the Cherokee People

The “Five Civilized Tribes” and Removal;doc=25

Red Cloud and the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

Crazy Horse and the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Sitting Bull and Sitting Bull College

Plains Headdresses

Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Experience

Geronimo and the Removal and Return of His People

Ely S. Parker, Seneca, and the Civil War

Four Centuries of American Art

Jim Thorpe and Haskell/Carlisle Indian Schools

Will Rogers , His Life and Sayings

Rebuilding Buffalo Herds

History of the Potlatch;second=books&third=Listening

Mesa Verde, Ancient Dwellings Now World Heritage site

Ceremony and Pow Wow: American Indian Dance;second=books&third=NativeDance

American Indian Ceramic and Textile Arts;second=books&third=BornOfClay;second=books&third=Woven

National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Washington DC. Photo copyright 2004 Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography.