Arago: Exhibits


1-cent and 2-cent Sheets

1c Columbian

Printed in sheets of two hundred, the 1-cent Columbinans were then divided into panes of one hundred, producing either top or bottom straight edges. Margin inscriptions include the American Bank Note Company imprint and the plate number with a letter(s). This is plate number 50 with the letter "J." All stamps of the series were perforated 12. The National Postal Museum featured this sheet and those that follow in "Columbus’ Voyage of Discovery: The Columbian Series of 1893", March 8, 2001—March 15, 2002. The sheets were part of the Edward and Joanne Dauer Collection.

2c Columbian

American Bank Note Company printed the 2-cent stamp in both sheets of one hundred and sheets of two hundred. This example, plate 156 with "NN," is from a plate of two hundred separated into panes of one hundred. Note the guideline arrows in the lower right and lower left margins to direct cutting the panes.