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Nobel Prizes In Physics & Chemistry

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was shared by three people. Two researchers, one American and one Canadian at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith, were awarded the prize for inventing the semiconductor sensor known as a charge-coupled device, or CCD. Researcher Charles K. Kao was awarded the prize for his insights into fiber optic cable possibilities.

The four stamps featured here showcase previous winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics that have been honored on American postage stamps.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was also shared by three individuals. Two Americans, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Thomas A. Steitz, were awarded the prize along with Israeli Ada E. Yonath. The Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded this trio of researchers the award “for having showed what the ribosome looks like and how it functions at the atomic level.”

37c Robert Millikan single

Robert Millikan received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1923. This 37-cent stamp honoring Millikan was issued January 26, 1982.

8c Albert Einstein single

Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. This 8-cent stamp honoring Einstein was issued March 14, 1966.

Scott 3533

Enrico Fermi received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938. This 34-cent stamp honoring Fermi was issued September 29, 2001.