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Mayflower Descendents

These pioneers became known as the Pilgrims. The Merriam-Webster dictionary, which originated in the first American dictionary by Mayflower descendent Noah Webster, describes a pilgrim as “one who journeys in foreign lands,” but reserves use of the proper noun for those who landed at Plymouth in 1620. Webster is accompanied by many other famous Americans whose ancestry traces back to those 102 original Pilgrims, including at least eight presidents.

4c Noah Webster single

The 4-cent Noah Webster stamp was issued October 16, 1958. (Scott 1121)

United States Master Collection

American writer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had deep roots in America as he was a Mayflower descendent.

32c Marilyn Monroe single

The actress Marilyn Monroe was a Mayflower descendent. The stamp honoring her was issued June 1, 1995.