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Jordan Aliyah McDonald

Jordan Aliyah McDonald on Booker T. Washington and the Heroes on Stamps Experience:

Picking a hero was really hard because there were so many great people that affected our life today which made it so hard to choose but I feel the one we chose was a really good choice.

From Booker T. Washington, I learned you have to work hard to get what you want and your rights aren’t just handed to you. He really tried to change the world for everybody. I learned that people in the past did so much to help us gain rights as American citizens. Working hard can bring you to great opportunities.

Working with the mentors was really fun because they had a lot of stories about the people that I never knew. They were also very nice and were always up for shenanigans.

Learning about the stamps was really cool because I always thought that stamps were something that was mandatory on a letter but now I realize the history behind the stamps.

Jordan McDonald

Jordan Aliyah McDonald

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