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Molly Wholihan Reflection

Molly Wholihan on Padre Felix Varela and the Heroes on Stamps Experience:

He gave women education. He thought of others by providing women’s education and giving orphan homes. Father Varela was never selfish and did all these things for others.

I learned how to work as a team. I had a lot of fun with that. The group and I once made a picture stamp of the person we picked. I am very glad that I was part of the Smithsonian.

Working with the mentors was amazing. I met new people and they all did wonderful thing. Having them was a lot fun. I hope they come and see us again.

There were a lot of things about stamps that I never really knew about. For example I never knew that stamps showed so much information in them. Also that people have to be 5 years dead to be on a stamp. There were so many things I learned that my brain is just over loaded with information.

32c Padre Varela single

Padre Felix Varela Issue