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Heroes on Stamps is a new intergenerational initiative made possible through the collaboration of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum and Interages, Inc. In its pilot year, this after-school program brought together middle school students and older adult volunteers once a week for six weeks. The volunteers worked with the students as they researched historical heroes on the National Postal Museum's Arago website and additional museum resources.

The program concluded with a research-based performance put on by students and volunteers for the community.

Using Arago, they identified four American heroes to research together and share in performance at the National Postal Museum in June. Wilma Rudolph, Padre Felix Varella, Booker T. Washington, and Sacajawea all came to life through their hard work and collaboration.

32c Padre Varela single

Padre Felix Varela



NPM - 10c dark brown Booker T.  Washington single

Booker T. Washington

23c Wilma Rudolph single

Wilma Rudolph