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"It Even Works In A Vacuum"

8c Space Achievement Decade Issue pair

The 8-cent Space Achievement Decade stamps were issued August 2, 1971. (Scott 1434-35)

Click Here To View The Video of Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott canceling the Decade of Space Achievement stamps on the Moon:

Transcript of the final minutes of EVA-3, Apollo 15

Commander David Scott, upon opening the Lunar Postal Kit on the surface of the Moon:

To show that our good Postal Service has deliveries any place in the universe, I have the pleasant task of canceling, here on the Moon, the first stamp of a new issue dedicated to commemorate United States achievements in space.

And I'm sure a lot of people have seen pictures of the stamp. I have the first one here on an envelope. At the bottom it says, "United States in Space, A Decade of Achievement," and I'm very proud to have the opportunity here to play postman.

I pull out a cancellation device. Cancel this stamp. It says, "August the second, 1971, first day of issue.” What could be a better place to cancel this stamp than right here at Hadley Rille.

By golly, it even works in a vacuum.

But not too well. But it's the first time, so I guess they're just learning.

James Irwin: You can put a thumbprint on there, Dave.

David Scott: Well...

James Irwin: If there's room left.

David Scott: I've got several dusty thumbprints. Now, I'll stick this back in our special mail pouch here, and we'll deliver it when we return.