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Back of the Book Stamps

Benjamin Miller collected numerous stamps from the “back of the book,” as collectors refer to stamps traditionally listed in the backs of catalogues. Each one offers a different look at some part of postal history.

These areas include Postage Due stamps applied by postal clerks; Special Delivery stamps that paid for immediate delivery; stamps overprinted for use in the Panama Canal Zone, the Philippines, and Shanghai, China; official stamps for those administering the Postal Savings System; Parcel Post stamps; early airmail stamps; and Special Handling stamps that gave fourth-class mail a quicker delivery.

50c Thomas Jefferson block of four

1902-03 50c Jefferson Philippines overprint issue block of four.

10c Helmet of Mercury block of six

Special Delivery stamp of 1908, plate block of six. This stamp design featured the winged helmet of Mercury, messenger of the Roman gods.

6c on 3c Washington block of six

3c plate block of six of the 1917 Issue with 1919 Shanghai overprints indicating cost in local currency of 6 cents.

$1 Fruit Growing block of six

$1 Parcel Post plate block of six featuring farmers in a Florida orange grove.