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The Post Office Department issued its first stamp booklets in 1900 as a convenience for travelers. Most collectors ignored them, making the first booklet issues scarce. Booklets of 1¢ and 2¢ stamps printed for World War I U.S. soldiers are also rare; Miller owned a pane from each.

Some collectors prefer full booklets of stamps, but most collect single panes as Miller did. To add to the challenge, he sought out plate number panes, which show a printing plate number in the margin and are far less common.

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1¢ and 2¢ booklet panes of 1908, plate number panes, with those at left from a 180-stamp sheet and those at right from a 360-stamp sheet

2c Washington booklet pane of thirty

This pane of 2¢ stamps is from a 1917 booklet printed for U.S. soldiers in France during World War I. Troops were soon allowed to send mail for free, making the booklets scarce. The 2¢ booklets are especially rare; many researchers believe only about 50 copies of this pane survive.