Arago: Exhibits


Regular Issues

$5 Head of Freedom block of twenty

This signed block of the $5 stamps of 1922“25 are from a remarkable set Miller purchased from the dealer Philip Ward. Ward obtained the signatures of top postal officials on sheets of many early 20th-century stamps. The sheets were later reduced to 20-stamp panes like this one.

When it came to U.S. regular issues—the high-volume, long-running series that paid the bulk of U.S. postage—Benjamin Miller’s interest in stamp varieties really took hold. He preferred to collect plate blocks, with the printing plate number in the margin, but that was just the beginning.

Miller also collected plate blocks from numerous printing plates and with differing Bureau imprints, stars, and other markings. He looked for color shades, printing errors, plate varieties, perforation errors, and varied cancellations.