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Regular Stamps from Coils

Coils became much easier to produce in 1914, when the Bureau began using rotary presses that could print on long rolls of paper. But the flat plates previously used for coil stamps were not discarded right away. Instead, the Bureau used them to print panes of regular stamps, some of which include the COIL STAMPS imprint.

Other unusual regular stamps resulted from the new way of printing coils. Often, the printed rolls of paper included quantities of stamps at the end that were too short to make coils. Rather than destroying these leftover sections, the Bureau cut them into stamp panes. Some of those stamps, also shown here, are now rare.

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This full pane of 1¢ stamps of 1914 was originally printed on a roll intended for coil stamps, then cut up as sheets instead.

1c Franklin single

These coil waste stamps were printed in 1923. There are fewer than 100 confirmed examples of the 1¢ stamp.