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Early Coils

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing issued the first government-made U.S. coil stamps in 1908, but it kept refining the process for years. Bureau coils could be vertical or horizontal, with or without perforations. The Bureau also tried different perforations. In 1914, it began printing stamps on a rotary press. This made it possible to print coils on continuous paper rolls, instead of creating them from strips that were pasted together.

Unlike many coil collectors of his time, Miller appreciated the paper leader attached to the first stamp on a coil. Today, leaders are highly prized, especially when they are still connected to the stamps.

10c yellow Washington pair

This is the scarce 10¢ pair of the 1908-10 Bureau Coil issue. Many coil stamps in the Miller Collection are guide line pairs, in which a printed line from the stamp sheet originally meant as a guide in perforating the sheet or splitting it into panes appears between stamps.

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1¢, 2¢, 4¢, and 5¢ coil stamps of 1908-10, imperforate strips, some with leaders, with paste-up in 2¢ strip